Click, Click, Earn!

BTC Bunch Rewards is a free platfrom that helps you earn money online by completing easy tasks, with only a couple of simple clicks per day, you can earn various cryptocurrency including BTC, LTC, DOGE, DASH, TRX & USDT which can be withdrawn to any FaucetPay or Payeer wallet without depositing, investing or whatsoever!


Various Earning Options.

Auto Faucet

Earn crypto while you sleep with our automatic faucet system, just need 1 click.


Get extra earning when you visiting shortlink. we only choose the best shortlink for our user.

Paid To Click

Get paid for visiting websites that are promoted on our platfrom.


The biggest earning system on our platfrom, Get huge payment for every offewalls that you complete.

Earn More Money By


Are you feeling lucky? Take your chances in our 100% proven fair Lottery game and stand a chance to earn HUGE! Buy lottery and earn big reward.


Every week we give away $150 to our top 15 Achievers. Complete achievements for extra money and energy for higher chances to win.


We pay you for completing simple tasks posted on our platform everyday. The more tasks you complete, the more money you earn.

Level System

Every claim, shortlink, offerwall, task or etc will gain a Users EXP for leveling up, more high user level means more level bonus.


We choose top 20 users to receive weekly rewards! TOP 1-20 performers from Faucet, Shortlink, Offerwalls & Referral will get rewarded.

Dice Game

Our fun and addictive Dice game will earn you money by just rolling the Dice, No Limits. Try your luck with Dice.



USD Earned430


So Far The Best Earning Platform.


“BTC Bunch is really a good platform for everyone. Secondly, great and smooth responsive design for Mobile and PC, makes it so easy to use.”

— Anna Steynhuisen


“There are too many "faucets" available to keep track of nowadays, but BTC Bunch is definitely one of the good ones! Many ways to earn, boost your earnings, etc. Plus they have this app, which isn't a common perk among the many good faucets out there, so that alone makes it stand out from the rest.”

— Jeffrey Welch


“This platform is so fun to use, you can earn free Satoshi by just doing easy tasks, no skills needed. Deserves a 5 star 🌟”

— Kesther Oluwaseyi


“Well i must say this app is legit cause the payment and activities are fair”

— Kashaf Tariq


Users already joinined BTC Bunch Rewards and they keep earning more and more, join us now!.

Recent Withdrawals

Payment Proofs

# Username Address Method Amount
3225 Boomfaucet **********TSLEZAs4WUKUAQwpneCQSBt 0.00674 USD
3224 FernandoE1970 **********oimrg5PSMmzBcNKbMjNPJwC 0.010505 USD
3223 Zainuriu **********ErJHK89oe4hYytQxP9uLWHZ 0.00608 USD
3222 Heru57 **********w8pE7pJDifgPEF3tNoyvPEK 0.003005 USD
3221 arnavut **********PbfEXWwGpkrszhGC5bGkQwL 0.170117 USD
3220 Duaaam1 ********** 0.01654 USD
3219 Fluffy12 **********cy5f9bF382vaAiknKQdfCPe 0.0014 USD
3218 Fluffy12 **********cy5f9bF382vaAiknKQdfCPe 0.0294 USD
3217 mercedeshawks **********mapz2e3ke5mlm6g3wwjuxtwdvtnmkpj 0.0044 USD
3216 Novraj ********** 0.0201 USD
3215 Jalal78 **********mkFxMzxt6mrQyo9TUJzbF5g 0.00414 USD
3214 Mariotgr **********kLXQ7pGhWFWFzrrh8CMgwKB 0.0006 USD
3213 khalid12 ********** 0.002815 USD
3212 Raylla **********1uMAN1JkAzPevk9GLkoB2WV 0.01471 USD
3211 heyes **********X7uBm9VEVaYHkGNn6VxJQc7 0.00372 USD
3210 lakshman1984 **********oUsYMLsT8mywGwnX6hss1Xz 0.162867 USD
3209 Kentk2 **********3duxtSGGrQCt5nAH7sSVDNx 0.0004 USD
3208 Almeera **********V5nwG8VCaYtFp2TX5HYYKpT 0.0088 USD
3207 embri **********rBsM3EC88rCGqJGHe9hNBVn 0.01123 USD
3206 Mistik69 **********qa4tT7yYxnK3DtmwHKRr9NZ 0.00309 USD

Frequently Asked Questions.

You need to create a free account, then log into your account to start earning by completing different offers & tasks such as Faucet, Clicking Ads, Dice, Coinflip, Offerwalls, Mining, Games, Videos, Shortlinks, Lottery, and many more. For every task completed, you will earn points which will then be converted to Cryptocurrency upon withdrawing.

It's a simple thing ! You are not allowed to create multiple accounts or have multiple accounts in the same network. All violated accounts will be banned.

We share up to 25% of your friend earning for referring them. You can get your referral link in Refferal Tab.

Bots, VPN/Proxy are not allowed on this site. We will ban all violated accounts.

Minimum withdrawal is only 10 Tokens ($0.0001 USD). You can withdraw your earnings directly to your account or Payeer as soon as you reach minimum withdrawal in your account